About Our Beef

About Our Beef Quality

Our beef comes from Purebred Wagyu calves born on the Eversole Run Farm to mother cows that were also born and raised on the Eversole Run Farm. Our cattle are the product of many years of a highly selective breeding program designed to produce high quality and healthy beef. The animals never leave the ranch and are able to free graze up to the point of being loaded into the trailer for processing. They never go to a feedlot. That is what makes Eversole Run Farm unique - humane, healthy, great tasting and environmentally friendly beef. You don't find that just anywhere!

Finishing Process

Our cattle go through a three to six week “finishing” process right on the Eversole Run Farm. Feed-lots are NOT a part of this process. Rather, our cattle continue to graze in open pasture and have constant access to fresh water. Some of our cattle are “Grass-finished,” meaning that they never eat any kind of grain feed supplement. But most of our cattle are COBF finished, meaning that in addition to their normal grass diet, they are also given access to Corn, Oats, Barley and Flaxseed to ensure maximum marbling and extemely high Omega-3 and Omega-6. The Omega-3 rivals the amounts in Tuna without the Mercury contamination risk you have from Tuna! Eversole Run Farm Beef customers have the option to request either of these types of finishes. If you prefer one type of finishing over the other, simply let us know.

Our cattle stay right on the Eversole Run Farm until the very day they are shipped for processing. Then the beef is dry-aged for two more weeks to develop additional tenderness and flavor. The greater the amount of marbling, the higher the grade of beef, because marbling makes beef more tender, flavorful, and juicy. Ninety nine Percent of our beef grades ABOVE Prime, higher than the highest USDA grades possible, making our cuts some of the best meat you can buy in America. ABOVE prime grades are only defined in Japan where it is needed for their Kobe Beef. USDA stops at 4, Japanese grades go to 5,6,7, and 8. Eversole Run Farm Beef typically ranges around 6 and 7.

What is “All Natural”?

The Eversole Run Farm raises All Natural American Kobe beef, which means no antibiotics or growth hormones are present in the animal’s system at the time of processing. Antibiotics are not used in Eversole Run Farm beef unless a vet recommends it for treatment. If cattle receive antibiotics, they are removed from the All Natural program for 12 months. At that time they may be relabeled as All Natural. Growth hormones are never used under any circumstance. In addition, our beef does not contain any artificial flavoring, coloring, chemical preservative, or any other artificial or synthetic ingredient.

How Is Beef Graded?

Inspection is mandatory, but grading is voluntary. We pay to have our meat graded. USDA grades are based on quality and marbling, with Prime and Choice being the highest grades possible. Ninety nine percent of Eversole Run Farm Beef grades ABOVE Prime. A USDA grading guide is as follows:

  • Prime grade – (Best) – Only two percent of all graded US beef receives a USDA grade of Prime. A Prime grade means the beef has more marbling, the most tender and flavorful of all. Beef graded Prime is generally sold in restaurants and hotels. Eversole Run Farm Beef grades ABOVE Prime over ninety nine percent of the time.
  • Choice grade – (2nd Best) – high quality, less marbling than Prime, but still very tender, juicy, and flavorful. For cooking suggestions, see our cuts and preparation guideline on the CUTS OF BEEF page.
  • Select grade – uniform in quality and lower in fat. Because of less marbling, it’s not as tender and it lacks the juiciness and flavor of the higher grades.
  • Standard and Commercial grades – frequently sold as ungraded or as "store brand" meat.
  • Utility, Cutter, and Canner grades – seldom, if ever, sold retail. Instead, these lower grades are typically used to make processed products.

What is “Registered Wagyu”?

The term "Registered" means that the Eversole Run Farm Registers all of the cows and Bulls used to produce the marketed beef with the American Wagyu Association. All Eversole Run Farm Beef are purebred Wagyu or also known as American Kobe Beef. Eversole Run Farm Also has a limited number of purebred Angus cattle which are bred to Wagyu bulls. This meat is referred to as a "F1 Cross" between Wagyu and Angus as described in the Store.

*Are Hormones or Antibiotics Ever Used?

Antibiotics are only given to treat animals on the recommendation of a Veterinarian. They are NEVER given as a mere preventative. If an antibiotic must be used, Eversole Run Farm uses only those that have been approved by the various oversight committees (USDA, FDA, etc.), and keeps detailed records of any such occurrences. If a drug has been used, documentation is provided to ensure that no detectable residues are present in the animal before being processed for human consumption.