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American Kobe Beef

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Eversole Run Farm specializes in raising above Prime, All Natural, Fullblood and Purebred American Kobe Beef.

chemical-free grass and clover pastures and hay. Some cattle are grass finished, but most are finished using the "Eversole Omega-Booster Method" using high quality grain containing Barley, Corn and Flaxseed. (See "About our Beef")

The Wagyu genetics produce very high levels of Omega-3 in the meat, but the flaxseed boosts the Omega-3 to a level that rivals tuna!

Eversole Run Farm cattle are Wagyu--the breed that made Kobe Beef famous. Considered a national treasure by their native country, they produce the world’s highest marbling, best tasting beef and the most healthful, too, due to its uniquely high ratio of oleic acid. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Health Benefits!

According to noted fat expert, Dr. Stephen Smith of TX A&M University, Wagyu Beef approaches olive oil in health benefits. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Place an order today and discover for yourself the taste of famous American Kobe found in exclusive restaurants - BUT at a price you can afford!

Breeding Stock raised and available right here in Powell, Ohio!

Finished beef is sold out until end of Summer, 2022

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